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Antenna technology [english]


Welcome to our business area of antenna technology

We are delivering antenna parts and accessories for radio amateurs since 2005. We have specialised on antenna kits for yagi antennas designed by Martin Steyer DK7ZB. Martin has developed the 28 Ohm and 12.5 Ohm feeding technology and made it popular. With this feeding technology it is now very easy to build homemade yagi antennas for a lot of amateur radio bands and more.

We have started to build DK7ZB antennas in 1999 and were impressed of the performance of these antennas. But there was one problem – it was not easy to collect all the parts needed for the construction. Not all parts could be purchased at the home improvement store. Some special parts have been neccessary to make a rubust construction. The business idea of was, to offer all needed parts for self construction from one hand, in ham-prices. So collection of all parts was very easy and fast.

We want our antenna kits to be mechanically robust, so we are testing all kits types in mechanical and electrical ways. All parts are adjusted for the kits. We also develop new parts to make assembling easier for the customers, like our dipole connectors or grounding plates. We also try to realise suggestions from our customers to improve our products. We are writing construction manuals in german and english so our customers have it easy to assemble the kits. This all needs time and costs money, so we do not only buy and sell some products here, it’s much more.

If you have ideas for new products, we are happy to get any information from our customers! We want that you can find here what you need!

For questions concerning our products, we would appreciate that you contact us by e-mail or make a post on our Facebook fan page.

We would be happy to win you as new customer soon, so please have a look into our online shop.

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Attila & Arabella Kocis


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